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The Frank Report – A no holds barred news / commentary report from broadcasting veteran Francis Steffan “Buckle up, snowflake”


Financial Survival – One of the longest running financial radio broadcasts in the U.S. hosted by Melody Cederstrom

Herb Talk LIVE – Wendy Wilson is a master herbalist and author who hosts this broadcast and promotes natural healing through a nuts and bolts presentation of herbal medicine


Mission Watch / Prophecy Watch – Pastor Dan Catlin hosts both shows, one focuses on current events & the homeless shelter him and his wife steward over and the other on Biblical prophecy topics


Health Talk with Hesh – Is about life style and diet change and maintaining a healthy outlook on life while also exposing the efforts to adulterate our food supply with chemicals, hormones and poisons.


Contenders for the Faith – Hosted by Pastors Anthony Garissi & Jason Burton oppose the “New Evangelical, Modernistic, Ecumenical,” 501(c)3 religion found in the majority of churches


Constitutional Crusader – Hosted by M. Roy Bendshadler, has very strong Libertarian viewpoints and stresses the concepts of self-reliance rather than relying on Government