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The show grew quickly in popularity and was soon expanded to the current two hour format. The time-slot was deliberately targeted as approximately 85% of the population of the U.S. that works the “traditional” 9-5 time frame is off of work for the majority of the show. The show has very strong Libertarian viewpoints and stresses the concepts of self-reliance rather than relying on Government, and community-support.

On January 10, 2008 M. Roy was arrested along with three others (a fourth “turned himself in” later) and the five were charged with a single-count of 18 USC 371, “Conspiracy to Defraud the U.S.” The keywords in that previous sentence were “single-count” as there was no charge of fraud itself, just conspiracy to _____ … yup, blank, nothing, no primary charge of anything. This is the same as charging someone with using a handgun while robbing a bank, but not charging for any bank-robbery. To make a very long-story short, despite the fact that no fraud was shown against the U.S. or any agency OF the U.S., a sham-trial in a court who’s only jurisdiction is over civil-matters ignored the rights of confronting witnesses, calling exculpatory witnesses, and blatantly denied M. Roy’s right to testify and tell the jury the facts the Judge in the case lied to them about… among many, many other violations of Common Law. M. Roy was “convicted” and eventually “sentenced” to 15 months in the Federal Gulag at the Taft Camp in the southern California desert.

During the “Sentencing hearing” the Judge kept asking the prosecution why any time at all should be sentenced to Mr. Bendshadler while the prosecution demanded the full 5-years possible. The Judge kept asking for legal reasons why the full 5-years should be imposed and finally the AUSA’s response was, clearly on the record, that “Mr. Bendshadler has a radio show and he must be shut-up so his audience will go away.” This did not impress the Judge, but due to the number of “points” awarded for the “conviction” she felt compelled to do the 15-month sentence.

By the time “good-time” is taken into consideration, this amounted to just under a year.

During the time of M. Roy’s stay as a Political Prisoner at Taft, all indicators show that not only did the Constitutional Crusader’s Show not go away, but actually increased in listeners. Since M. Roy’s return to live-air-time the show has become the most-listened-to Political Talk Show originating on the internet when live.

M. Roy offers personal counseling in many areas and is generally available Tue-Saturday, 10am-8pm Pacific Time at 971.270.2033 and encourages those who call to have recorders running since the Feds already record every phone call, email, fax, text, tweet, blog and fart… OK, maybe not every fart, but it’s getting darn near close to that. Besides, if you record the call, you can listen to it several times and be able to come back with new questions.