End Of KU Satellite

AVRN has been broadcasting on commercial satellite since 2004, first on “C” band (big dish) and then on KU band.

While KU band satellite is the most popular and widely used television satellite format in the world in the US it has been stifled by millions of dollars of “lobbyist money” (GRAFT AND BRIBERY) from “direct tv” and “dish network” right into your congress things wallet.

It was never allowed to establish itself to the point it had a user base that could withstand a major influx of cheaper, easier and more widely available technology that provides better quality on a more wide base of devices and is mobile.

The longer term listeners that purchased a KU band satellite are dying off and the ones that arent, have internet and prefer it.

The point is the listener ship on KU band has been declining for years (for everyone) and no longer can justify the expense.

One of the purposes of AVRN is to get the message out to as many different places people can listen so, while KU is going away AVRN is now live streaming on Youtube: (https://youtu.be/8pjG_yxU9o4) Rumble:  (https://rumble.com/v230bmo-avrn.tv.html) Twitter: (https://twitter.com/avrnlive) Twitch: (http://www.twitch dot tv/avrnlive) Dlive: (https://dlive.tv/AVRNLIVE).

We hope to add the daily motion soon.

I don’t like change anymore than anyone else but this is a necessary change at this time.

However, if you are one that really wants AVRN on KU band satellite $500.00 per month will accomplish this.

I have mixed feelings being on satellite for nearly two decades but times change and so does technology as do peoples choices in information/entertainment platforms, we must adapt.