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Herb Talk LIVE
Wendy Wilson
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Wendy Wilson is an Herbalist. She believes in “natural medicine” to help the body heal itself and restore health. Wendy studied the works of Dr. John Christopher and his natural approach to health. Wendy has been teaching the healing power of herbs for more than a decade.

Wendy became aware of the healing power of herbs and natural therapies when her infant son became seriously ill and modern medicine had no solutions. Wendy turned to a natural healer for help. Her child made a full recovery and Wendy’s journey towards becoming an herbalist began. She enrolled at the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah in the Master Herbalist Program.

In 1999, Wendy wrote a “how to” book called The Power Herbs: 13 Herbs Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have. She wanted to reveal the herb secrets she had learned from her traditional training and practical experience.

In 2000 Wendy founded Apothecary Herbs, Inc.

Apothecary Herbs is your organ cleansing and immune boosting experts. Apothecary Herbs use only certified organic ingredients, naturally aged for a minimum of 30 days.(The average herbal product on the market is aged just 3 days) and cold press their formulas to make the best professional strength herbal medicine.

Apothecary Herbs is located in Huntersville, North Carolina near beautiful Lake Norman. Currently, they are the only herbal manufacturer in the Southeast to sell directly to the consumer. Staying in touch with the consumer is important to Apothecary Herbs.

Every product and every item from Apothecary Herbs comes with their lifetime 100% money-back guarantee.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture inspects Apothecary Herbs facilities and processes and their operations comply with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Process guidelines.

Apothecary Herbs product has been tested by the National Laboratory Center and their herbal formulas are based on clinically proven formulas.

Apothecary Herbs are the nation’s premier supplier of “Signature Taste, Aged for Potency”™ herbal dietary supplements. Every detail in their manufacturing process is carefully checked by hand. Apothecary Herbs uses small batches for quality control and to assure the freshness of the herbal ingredients.

Apothecary Herbs no longer will use a corn-based alcohol to make our herbal tinctures. To ensure the highest quality we are now using certified organic gluten-free wheat alcohol with the lowest glucose rating available in organic alcohol.

Wendy Wilson’s Credentials


♦ University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC – BA Psychology
♦ School of Natural Healing – Springville, UT – Master Herbalist Program
♦ University of Natural Healing – Charlottesville, VA – Dr. Richard Schulze Combination Therapies
♦ Immune System Microbiology – Monterey, CA – Dr. Bruce West

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