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Pastor Dan Catlin



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Pastor Dan Catlin of Messiah’s Branch has been hosting talk radio, short-wave, satellite, live webcasts, and podcasts since 2000. He interviews best-selling authors in Bible Prophecy, ex-terrorists, CIA spies, as well as gun rights groups and others currently making the headlines.

His greatest love is that of YESHUA and His FATHER, closely followed by his love for family, and love of country. He believes in the Hebrew Roots of his Faith, which he simply calls, Bible.

After being called by HIS FATHER and ordered by the same out of the corporation churches, Messiah’s Branch came forth, really a home church with a building he often jokes. The name Pastor Dan was given to him by the poor and homeless he cares for.

Messiah’s Branch is a “Mission Church” located at, 900 south Broadway, Wichita, Kansas, 67211 and was established in June of the year 2000.

Dan and his wife Linda are missionaries of Yeshua Ha Mesciah, (Jesus Christ) which means they supply KJV Large print Bibles, food, clothing, counseling, and first aid which includes over the counter pain and cold medications.

Help for people is done on a person-to-person or family-to-family basis.

Messiah’s Branch mission church is used as a last resort by many homeless agencies in Wichita when they have no room for the people or the people just do not fit into their various guidelines.

Dan’s email: pastor@wichitahomeless.com

Mission website: http://www.messiahsbranch.com/