Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events

The educational information presented represents the equivalent of 3 1/2 years of intense mobile training. With thousands of SPIKE students throughout the nation, Bo Gritz, America’s Most Decorated Green Beret Commander, brings his Special Forces training to your home on internet television AVRN.tv. These videos will give you the same educational information that Special Operations Command elite troops receive. There are twelve (12) phases of educational information. Each phase contains 7-8 hours of exciting, one-on-one training with Bo and his SPIKE team.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 8 from June. 18 to 11Am (pac) Mon June. 21

Night vision, Target Indexing, Barriers / Entry, Defense against SWAT attacks, Emergency Dentistry, Green Houses, Food Storage

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase I from Fri. Apr. 30 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 03, 2021.

In this Phase, approximately 7 hours, you’ll learn the basics of self-preparedness. Col. James Bo Gritz (6th degree black belt & Chief Instructor, American Council on Karate Instruction) teaches you Self Defense by using the Kubotan, pepper gas spray and Tae Kwon Do techniques. Scott Weekly, navy Seal, briefs you on General Security Preparedness, showing you how to establish a safe zone in your home. Gary Goldman, Army Ranger, sets you on course with land navigation and orienteering. Dawn Bittner, Certified E. M. T. Instructor applies Emergency Medicine from C. P:. R. to cold injuries and more.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 2 from Fri. May. 07 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 10, 2021.

Continue your personal preparedness and education with this advanced three tape 7 hour course. Bo Gritz keeps your training on target with Defense Against Restrictive Entry. This course provides you step-by-step instruction on exact manipulation of all kinds of locks for entry to obtain food, water, shelter, communication and/or transportation in times of emergency. All types of key and combination locks are dissected and opened.  Electronic security devices are also included. Scott Weekly’s class on Secret Service Tradecraft reveals surefire methods of protection. You’ll learn close held information reserved for USG agents in the highest protective agencies. Bob Spear, U. S. Army consultant and 6th degree Hapkido black belt instructs you on Defense Against Edged Weapons. You’ll learn simple and effective techniques to make yourself safe from knife attack. Randy Hoff, Special Forces Medical Supervisor shows you Wound management and suturing techniques.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 3 from Fri. May. 14 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 17, 2021.

GUN CONTROL — HITTING THE TARGET WITH EVERY SHOT! is the main subject of this 8 hour 3 videotape set. Special Forces Sergeant major Charlie McCowan, 30 times national and International Pistol Champion, Olympian and Pan Am gold Medalist, talks you through his personal techniques for Bulls-eye shooting using laser sights, red dot and iron sights. Ranger Gary Goldman leads you through Street Confrontation Shooting, while “Doctor Death” Scott Weekly demonstrates “Quick Kill” instinctive Shooting. Bob Spear continues your self defense instruction with Defense Against Armed Assault. Ken Anderson discusses how to conduct a physical examination, diagnosis, and use natural remedies.
AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 4 from May. 21 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 24

Continuing with a 3 tape series, Bo Gritz presents this most important class on SPIKE organization for disaster readiness. Bo teaches the Special Forces A, B and C method that allows a small number of specialists to organize multitudes. Intelligence techniques allow you to determine whether information received is accurate or not. Other intelligence agency skills allow you to set up aircraft landings and parachute operations. A special EEFIS code secures your personnel from infiltration. Scott Weekly will amaze you with his ability to take something so complicated as antenna theory and make it simple with this class on Communication. Bob Spear will instruct you in Hostage Situations and Conflict Resolution. Dr. Paul Glandville prepares you for natural Child Birthing, including all emergencies.
AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 5 from May. 28 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 31

Bob Spear wrote a book for this course on considerations when forming or selecting a Covenant Community. Gary Goldman teaches Special Forces Caching techniques to secure valuable and sensitive items on your person, within structures, and in the field. Munitions preparations and underwater methods are included. Scott Weekly demonstrates reloading with the simplest of tools under the most trying of conditions, and in Special Forces Combat Medical Supervisor, Charlie McCowan’s SF Emergency Medicine, you will learn how and when to prepare and administer IV therapy and treat all manner of problem burns.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 6 from May. 04 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 11

Mountaineering and Pioneering are the highlights of SPIKE Phase 6 instruction. Have you ever rappelled down a 100′ cliff face first?! Three Army Rangers and a Navy SEAL teach you combat assault rappel, along with traditional methods. You will see in detail how to construct a suspension traverse for transporting supplies and personnel along vertical haul lines. Bo, Jim Gritz and Gary Goldman, and Scott do all the work, while Sergeant major Charlie McCowan covers orthopedic injuries and treatment. Also with this tape selection you’ll learn from one of America’s best hunters and guides, Tony Brown, of Northern Idaho, Tracking, Hunting, Trapping, Skinning, Tanning all manner of two and four legged critters. Tony also covers the professional way of packing animals for extended outings. After this training you will be safe in mountain operations. A special, easy to learn knot tying and rope making class is an additional included bonus.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 7 from May. 11 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 14

Have you ever thought your telephone was tapped, or someone was eavesdropping on your conversation at home or work? SPIKE-7 reveals all the counterintelligence and spy ways to counter all methods of electronic intrusion with Scott Weekly’s Counter Surveillance Course. How about putting your own secret codes together or being able to decipher other codes? Gary Goldman’s Codes and Ciphers class will tighten up your operational security and give you tons to consider in the area of secure communication. Hapkido Master Bob Spear demonstrates the details of Stick Fighting, designed for people who need an extra advantage when normal tools of self-defense are not available. Ideal for the elderly, handicapped, convalescing, children and smaller or weaker than average people. Specifically, you’ll learn how to defend yourself with a cane, walker, clubs and many other items. Dr. Ken Anderson’s Field Herbs class is a fascinating presentation on how to make poultices, salves, ointments, tinctures and other applications which are extremely beneficial and plentiful when you know what to look for and how to prepare the right potion.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 8 from May. 18 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 21

Night vision, Target Indexing, Barriers / Entry, Defense against SWAT attacks, Emergency Dentistry, Green Houses, Food Storage

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. from May. 25 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 28

SURVIVAL! Phase 9 concentrates on cold and hot weather survival with Special Forces experts Charlie McCowan and Jim Gritz. You’ll learn from Scott Weekly about Alternative Energy, especially solar power usage as well as wind, water and thermal. Finish this course with one of the most exciting of all — Bo knows Spycraft! Among other ploys, you will learn how to employ and defeat every means of truth detection, including Direct Interrogation, Polygraph, VSA, Hypnosis, Pen & Paper Tests and Truth drugs. Bo shows how to sue handwriting analysis, body language to see truth and a special CIA method for always getting your way. Your quality of life is guaranteed to improve as a result of this class.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 10 from May. 28 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 31

Every phase of SPIKE gets better and better. This phase guarantees those in attendance permanent smiles. You can capture those smiles when you buckle in with Phase 10 — Counter-terrorist Driving and prepare for a wild ride. You will never need to fear about turning down the wrong street or being cornered by a car full of thugs. You’ll learn how to effectively break a car barricade, how to do “Jay” and “Bootleg” turns and Tap-offs with ease and safety. Enjoy expert instruction by Bo, Jim Gritz and Scott Weekly. Also included is a section on “special” ammunition, setting up a proper car, bulletproofing and bomb detection. TRIAGE is a fascinating, detailed medical class given by Charlie McCowan to instruct you in making proper life or death decisions in mass casualties situations.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 11 from May. 02 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 05

Here’s where you become a consummate physical security expert. This is an extension of Phase 2 basic locksmithing and qualifies you as a “LOCKMASTER.” Bo teaches Changing and manipulating Safe Locks and other restricted methods of entry. Scott Weekly shares Securing Alarms Secrets and how to easily bypass all systems. Jim Gritz qualifies you to repossess all manner of transportation in his Vehicle Entry class. Learn how to match all the latest tools with detailed manuals made available only for professionals. Finally, Jim demonstrates how to use Special Intelligence entry tricks to by-pass high security locks. Completing this course gives you access to the restricted field of high security using Bo’s credentials.

AVRN.tv will run S.P.I.K.E. Phase 12 from May. 09 to 11Am (pac) Mon May. 12

Phase 12 “SPIKEMASTER” tops your training with four advanced and essential skills. Vic Pomel teaches Emergency Surgery involving invasive surgical procedures that promotes life when threatened by severed arteries, compound fractures, high velocity wounds, severe throat damage, internal injuries, et al. Bo Gritz demonstrates how to use Hypnosis as a Substitute for Chemical Anesthesia. Learn how to hypnotize anyone for dental surgery, pain relief, childbirthing or other medical procedures where chemicals are not available or cannot be used. Bo’s personal manual of experiences tells it all. Jim Gritz introduces Community Defensive Battle Drills as an extension to family protection and covenant communities. Scott Weekly presents an extensive class on Photo-intelligence explaining how to take and develop the best pictures using field expedient means. You also receive instruction in reading and interpreting aerial photos.