Continue your personal preparedness and education with this advanced three tape 7 hour course. Bo Gritz keeps your training on target with Defense Against Restrictive Entry. This course provides you step-by-step instruction on exact manipulation of all kinds of locks for entry to obtain food, water, shelter, communication and/or transportation in times of emergency. All types of key and combination locks are dissected and opened. Pick kits and other materials are available at discounted prices. Electronic security devices are also included. Scott Weekly’s class on Secret Service Tradecraft reveals surefire methods of protection. You’ll learn close held information reserved for USG agents in the highest protective agencies. Bob Spear, U. S. Army consultant and 6th degree Hapkido black belt instructs you on Defense Against Edged Weapons. You’ll learn simple and effective techniques to make yourself safe from knife attack. Randy Hoff, Special Forces Medical Supervisor shows you Wound management and suturing techniques.

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 Duration: 6 hrs, 43 min, 33 seconds; Size: 2.23 GB; Format .3g2 – download; Resolution: 320×240; Compatible: win, OSX, linux, android

( IPHONE: you must convert the .3g2 file before it will play on an iphone; there are many online conversion tools this is one> https://www.zamzar.com/convert/3gp-to-iPhone/)