Continuing with a 3 tape series, Bo Gritz presents this most important class on SPIKE organization for disaster readiness. Bo teaches the Special Forces A, B and C method that allows a small number of specialists to organize multitudes. Intelligence techniques allow you to determine whether information received is accurate or not. Other intelligence agency skills allow you to set up aircraft landings and parachute operations. A special EEFIS code secures your personnel from infiltration. Scott Weekly will amaze you with his ability to take something so complicated as antenna theory and make it simple with this class on Communication. Bob Spear will instruct you in Hostage Situations and Conflict Resolution. Dr. Paul Glandville prepares you for natural Child Birthing, including all emergencies.

Duration: 6 hrs, 43 min, 33 seconds; Size: 2.23 GB; Format .3g2 – download; Resolution: 320×240; Compatible: win, OSX, linux, android

( IPHONE: you must convert the .3g2 file before it will play on an iphone; there are many online conversion tools this is one> https://www.zamzar.com/convert/3gp-to-iPhone/)