Mountaineering and Pioneering are the highlights of SPIKE Phase 6 instruction. Have you ever rappelled down a 100′ cliff face first?! Three Army Rangers and a Navy SEAL teach you combat assault rappel, along with traditional methods. You will see in detail how to construct a suspension traverse for transporting supplies and personnel along vertical haul lines. Bo, Jim Gritz and Gary Goldman, and Scott do all the work, while Sergeant major Charlie McCowan covers orthopedic injuries and treatment. Also with this tape selection you’ll learn from one of America’s best hunters and guides, Tony Brown, of Northern Idaho, Tracking, Hunting, Trapping, Skinning, Tanning all manner of two and four legged critters. Tony also covers the professional way of packing animals for extended outings. After this training you will be safe in mountain operations. A special, easy to learn knot tying and rope making class is an additional included bonus.

Duration: 6 hrs, 43 min, 33 seconds; Size: 2.23 GB; Format .3g2 – download; Resolution: 320×240; Compatible: win, OSX, linux, android

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