Organic Sulfur

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Organic Sulfur, methylsulfonylmethane, is a critical bio available form of sulfur that has been missing from our diet since 1954.
Diseases we hadn’t even heard of have become typical, cancer has grown at an unprecedented rate, and the quality of our food has been greatly diminished. Is there a correlation here?

Organic Sulfur IS MSM. Organic Sulfur is an accurate description of PURE crystallized MSM, “Organic Sulfur” has no fillers, no caking agents and has not been over processed into a fine powder and that is the difference, not all MSM can claim that.
I take the Organic Sulfur we sell here at AVRN daily, but I also took pure MSM for years before we started selling it with the same great results.

Myself, I am less concerned with how a supplement is made or how it is named than with, does it work for me or not. However, some people are concerned with that, so for you I will include some explanations concerning that.
MSM is “organic” sulfur in the sense that it is a naturally occurring molecule that contains eleven atoms bonded into one configuration. Saving the science lesson, DMSO and MSM fall to the ground in rain water and are absorbed by plants and animals however, this happens in such small amounts that it could never be viable to be commercially extracted. So, there is not and has never been any “NATRUAL” “organic Sulfur” or MSM available on the market. If MSM or “Organic Sulfur” has been available for purchase it has been manmade, period.
Man has made some very beneficial things, so I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape just yet.
There are rumors that MSM is made from chemicals and “Organic Sulfur” is made from trees. This is not true, however there is a basis for the claim that organic sulfur is made from trees.
There was a company in Bogalusa, Louisiana named Gaylord Chemical that made DMSO (MSM is from DMSO) by combining sulfur with paper mill pulping liquids, purified and distilled them to create DMSO. However, that plant shut down in 2010 and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and their new facility uses hydrogen sulfide and methanol as the raw materials to make DMS which is then used to manufacture DMSO, like every other known DMSO manufacturer in the world. MSM / Organic Sulfur is made from basically mixing DMSO with Hydrogen Peroxide.
So what is left? The purification method.
There is a big corporation out there called Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc. who has many, many, what I would call propaganda agents that claim over and over that their distillation process is superior although they can never seem to get through their explanation without using scare tactics to demonstrate their so called superiority.
Keep in mind this corporation only began in 1988 and only started  manufacturing MSM for “human consumption” in 1997 and their plant was certified in 2000. MSM has been around, used and benefitted people long before Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc. was ever created.
The long accepted and proven method is the crystallization method. Online you will see the exact marketing propaganda that emanates from Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc. repeated verbatim by their sales people, but as they use the scare tactic of “heavy metals” and “chlorine” they neglect to mention that Organic Sulfur / MSM is a SULFATE. That means that if, and I do mean IFthere were any “heavy metals” or anything else other  than iodine in the 99.9% pure crystallized Organic Sulfur it would be sulfated out of your body along with other toxins already in your body. By the way, Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc. claims only a 99.9% purity also….as far as I can understand 99.9% pure is 99.9% pure regardless of how it got that way. AVRN sells 99.9% pure crystallized Organic Sulfur.
Personally I look at Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc’s claims as being “superior” in the same light I view Monsanto corporations claims that GMO foods are superior… best a questionable claim.
As I stated prior, I take this product myself everyday. I don’t need to make up stories about how its made or demonize other products, it just works for me.

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